Deadline for Paper Submission: 15 July 2024

Matters to be considered when sending a paper;

  • Papers should be prepared as an extended abstract of at least 4 pages or as a full text of at most 10 pages.  Papers sent as short abstracts will not be evaluated.
  • Papers will only be accepted through the online paper submission system.
  • Papers sent by e-mail will not be evaluated.
  • The congress language is English and Turkish. Simultaneous translation will be provided during the congress.
  • Papers should be written in English or Turkish. For papers submitted in Turkish, the abstract must be written in both English and Turkish.

Evaluation Process of Papers

  • Papers will be evaluated by the referees in the scientific committee of the congress.
  • Papers will be evaluated by double-blind peer-review process.
  • After the papers go through the evaluation process, the acceptance and rejection of the papers will be notified to the authors, and corrections will be requested when necessary.
  • Accepted papers will be presented at the congress and published in the congress proceedings. Authors can choose whether they wish to publish a full paper or only an abstract.
  • When uploading their papers to the system, authors will be able to choose the form of presentation as oral or poster paper. However, the way of presentation will be decided by the referees according to the evaluation result.
  • Papers accepted orally can also be submitted as full text, depending on the authors' wishes. The full-text contributions should be prepared and uploaded within the deadline after the announcement of the results of the contribution evaluation in accordance with the rules for the preparation of full-text contributions.
  • All correspondence regarding the papers entered into the system will be made with the author who uploaded the papers to the system.

Paper Presentation

  • Papers will be presented orally or as a poster.
  • Papers can be presented in English or Turkish. 
  • Oral presentations will be prepared and presented electronically ( Just accepted PowerPoint 16/9 format ).

Oral Papers

  • The presentation time for oral presentations is determined as 15 minutes ( 12 minutes of presentation and 3 minutes of discussion ). It is important that the presentations are prepared in a way that does not exceed 15 minutes. 

Poster Papers

  • Poster papers should be prepared on a single page and should be 120 (width) x 80 (height) cm.
  • There should be the title of the paper at the top of the poster papers, the names of the authors under the title, and the institutional information under the names of the authors.

    Click here to download poster template

Paper Writing Rules

  • The page size of the manuscript should be A4 (210x297 mm). The left and right margins should be set to 2 cm (0.79 in) where top and bottom margins should be set to 2.2 cm (0.86 in). The page numbers should be centered at the bottom of the page.
  • Times New Roman is the default font type to be used in all manuscript.
  • The manuscript normal text size is 11 pt with 1.15 line spacing.  The text and paragraph should be justified and paragraph spacing should be 10 pt.
  • It is recommended to use at max 3 level heading. The first level heading (Heading 1) should be bold and have a text size of 14 pt. The numbering should be aligned 0.5 cm (0.19 in) away from left margin where the first letter of the heading should be aligned 1 cm (0.38 in) away. There should be 18 pt spacing before and after Heading 1.

    Click here to download full-paper template


Event Date

01-03 November 2024

Paper Submission (4-10 pages)
15 July 2024

Notification of Acceptance
5 August 2024

Return of Reviewed Papers
26 August 2024

Final Paper Submission
8 September 2024

Notification of the Final Acceptance
16 September 2024

Early Registration Deadline
15 August 2024

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